Salicylic acid is a very old skin medicine extracted from willow bark, white poplar leaves and sweet birch trees. The chemical structure belongs to β-hydroxy acid, referred to as BHA. Salicylic acid is very fat-soluble. It can be fused with sebum and penetrate deep into the pores to clear blocked pores.

The role of salicylic acid

Shrink pores: Penetrate into pores to remove old keratinocytes, unblock blocked pores, block the formation of acne and shrink pores.

Anti-aging: Promote skin metabolism, dissolve the stratum corneum, improve the surface condition of the skin, delay aging, and restore smooth and delicate skin.

Oil control and acne: It can control the secretion of oil and improve the unclean condition of the hair follicle wall, so it has a very good effect on the treatment of blackheads and acne.


Whitening and spot-lightening: If the skin’s surface pigment is deposited, salicylic acid can help peel off this layer of aging keratinocytes and prevent pigmentation.

Sterilization and bacteriostasis: It can inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent the further reproduction of bacteria. However, the bactericidal ability of salicylic acid is not strong, so most products based on salicylic acid will add antibacterial ingredients to work together.

Inhibition of dermatitis: The anti-inflammatory properties of salicylic acid can restore the skin in an emergency state to its normal state, avoiding skin cell overreaction, excessive secretion of melanin and other problems. The aspirin and methyl salicylic acid used in daily life use this characteristic of salicylic acid.

Alpha arbutin
Alpha arbutin

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