A compound found in broccoli sprouts not only helps prevent cancer, but also holds the promise of curing it.This compound, called Sulforaphane, is found in vegetables like kale, cauliflower, cabbage, and especially in high concentrations of broccoli sprouts.Sulforaphane can also be used as a dietary supplement for the treatment of degenerative neurological disease (BSE). 


Broccoli is rich in fiber, which can effectively reduce the absorption rate of glucose in the intestines and stomach, thus reducing blood sugar.

Broccoli contains chromium ion can help diabetics improve insulin sensitivity, promote insulin regulation of blood sugar;

Other benefits of broccoli:

Broccoli is rich in ascorbic acid, which can enhance the detoxification ability of the liver.

Broccoli in the digestive tract can kill the pathogenic bacteria of gastric and intestinal cancer, and prevent the occurrence of gastric and intestinal cancer;

Broccoli contains a variety of indole derivatives, can reduce the level of estrogen in human body, can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer;

Broccoli is rich in VC and selenium, which can regulate and prevent high blood pressure and heart disease.

Broccoli extract
Broccoli extract

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