Shrimp is a delicious seafood food, not only rich in protein and various beneficial minerals, but also rich in a special ingredient — astaxanthin. Astaxanthin, known as the “king of antioxidants”, has the effect of delaying aging, and is used for beauty and nourishing nutrition of modern people. Many people think that astaxanthin, named after the word “shrimp,” is unique to shrimp, but this is a misconception.


Astaxanthin was first extracted from shrimp, hence its name


In 1933, scientists extracted a kind of purple red crystal from shrimp for the first time and named it astaxanthin. Experimental tests showed that astaxanthin had significant antioxidant effect, which was more than 10 times higher than beta carotene and more than 100 times stronger than vitamin E. Therefore, astaxanthin was praised as the “king of oxidation”.


Although astaxanthin is found from shrimp, the shrimp itself does not have the ability to synthesize astaxanthin. Algae in the aquatic environment are the original source of astaxanthin, and astaxanthin is present in shrimp after eating the algae. In other words, astaxanthin is present not just in shrimp, but in all aquatic animals that feed on algae, and is named after the word “shrimp” because it was first extracted from shrimp.

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Astaxanthin has a very powerful effect on aquatic animals

Astaxanthin exists in algae, aquatic animals who eat algae in theory, the more the more who body contains astaxanthin, have a straightforward phenomenon can help people to judge roughly astaxanthin content in aquatic life, this is the color, astaxanthin itself as an orange, if a color is red, aquatic animals showing your astaxanthin content is higher, and the stronger the ability to adapt to bad environment.

The most typical example is the crayfish, whose red body is the result of the accumulation of astaxanthin in the shell. Due to the high content of astaxanthin in the body, the crayfish has a strong vitality. They can survive in the dirty silt, live healthily and reproduce in large quantities.


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How can the body better absorb astaxanthin from seafood?


Modern science has proved that astaxanthin, as one of the effective natural antioxidants, has a significant effect in improving immunity, preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, tumors and other chronic diseases.


Astaxanthin naturally exists in nature is not unique to shrimp, but algae is the source of astaxanthin. Crabs, various shellfish and some fish, such as salmon, like to eat astaxanthin rich algae, so the content of astaxanthin in the body is relatively high.


So if we want to get astaxanthin, which is naturally present, it’s not just from shrimp.


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