Azelaic Acid, colloquially known as Azelaic Acid, has nothing to do with rhododendrons. There is no Azelaic Acid in rhododendrons, but the Latin word Azelaic Acid is so similar to Azalea that it is mispronounced.

Azelaic acid has been used for more than 50 years. It can be found in the secretions of some plants and microorganisms in nature, but the content is too low, and it is mainly derived from chemical synthesis.

Azelaic acid is often used clinically to treat acne. In fact, azelaic acid has a lot of USES in skin care products.

Pharmacological action of Azelaic acid:


  1. Directly inhibit and kill the bacteria on the skin surface and in the hair follicle, eliminate the pathogen;
  2. Competitive inhibition of the enzyme process of dihydrotestosterone production, reduce the excessive skin oil induced by dihydrotestosterone factors;
  3. Inhibit the production and action of reactive oxygen species, which is beneficial to anti-inflammatory;
  4. Reduce the synthesis of filamentous keratin, prevent excessive hair follicle keratinization;
  5. Destroy cell mitochondrial respiration, inhibit cell DNA synthesis, and thus inhibit cell proliferation.
Ferulic Acid (2)
Ferulic Acid (2)

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