Biotin function

  1. Improve hair loss (baldness)

Hair loss is a health problem that many people are concerned about. It is related to appearance and self-confidence. It is estimated that nearly 50% of men and women are affected by different patterns of hair loss.

Nutrient deficiency is often associated with chronic telogen hair loss, androgenic alopecia, female pattern alopecia, and patchy alopecia. While biotin is beneficial for hair growth and strong hair quality, one of the main symptoms of lack is hair loss.

A case study pointed out that (infants who were deficient in biotin due to formula milk feeding), biotin supplementation can alleviate the symptoms of Perioraldermatitis and Patchyhairloss caused by the deficiency.



  1. Improve brittle nails (BrittleNails)

Brittle nail is a kind of abnormal nail structure. The main symptoms are loss of elasticity and softness of nails, accompanied by cracking, peeling and crushing. It is estimated that about 20% of the population is affected by this disease. The incidence of women is male 2 times.

Brittle nail disease is usually idiopathic (referring to unexplained causes) and may be caused by skin or system diseases, nutritional deficiencies, drug use, and trauma.

In animal medicine, biotin is often used to improve hoof defects or abnormalities in ungulate animals (such as horses, cattle and sheep).

Several human studies have also found that supplementing with biotin helps to improve brittle nail disease (63% to 91% of the subjects indicated improvement) and nail plate thickness.

The underlying mechanism is related to improving the synthesis of lipid molecules required for the production of nail plate keratinocytes.

  1. Improve diabetes

Diabetes is one of the oldest diseases in human history. It was first discovered in the ancient Egyptian era three thousand years ago.

The main pathogenic factors of diabetes are related to genes and life factors, such as lack of exercise, sitting for a long time, smoking and drinking alcohol. Among them, obesity accounts for about 55% and is the most common pathogenic factor.

A small study pointed out that compared with healthy people, the blood biotin concentration of diabetic patients is usually lower, and supplementation can help improve fasting blood glucose.

Another double-blind controlled study pointed out (for a period of 90 days, 447 diabetic patients with poor blood sugar control), compared with single drug treatment, the additional use of chromium and biotin can have a better glucose control effect (improve glycation Hemoglobin and fasting blood glucose).

The underlying mechanism is related to factors such as biotin’s promotion of glucose synthesis fat, glucokinase secretion (promoting glycogen synthesis) and triggering insulin, so it is believed to help maintain blood sugar stability.

  1. Multiple sclerosis (Multiplesclerosis)

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that is mainly caused by progressive damage to the myelin sheath (wrapped around nerve fibers) in the brain or spinal cord, which affects other parts of the body.

Depending on the affected area, the symptoms may include numbness of the limbs, impaired vision, fatigue, slurred speech, and dizziness.

A preliminary small study pointed out that high-dose biotin can help improve the clinical symptoms of multiple sclerosis (slow the progression of the disease and the degree of disability).

Another double-blind controlled study also found (12 months for 154 patients with multiple sclerosis) that compared with placebo, high-dose biotin (100 mg/three times a day) helped reduce disability Scale score (ExpandedDisabilityStatusScale) and improve clinical impression.

The underlying mechanism is related to the following two characteristics of biotin.

  1. Activate carboxylase to promote myelin repair (by enhancing fatty acid synthesis)
  2. Protect axons from degeneration caused by hypoxia (by increasing the energy production of neurons)


  1. Major food sources

Biotin is widely found in natural foods, and relatively abundant foods include cereals, nuts, egg yolks, yeast, animal innards, legumes and some vegetables.Biotin content in different foods varies greatly, and is affected by season and processing mode. Biotin binding protein in grain is not easy to be degraded, and its utilization rate may be lower than that of animal food.

Boswellia extract (7)
Boswellia extract (7)

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