The antioxidant properties of red wine are actually related to a compound in red wine called red wine polyphenols.

Are red wine polyphenols red wine extract?

Red wine polyphenols also known as red grape polyphenols, extracted from red wine, and red wine commonly known as red wine.Red grape is used for brewing. The fermentation process involves soaking the skins of grapes together with the grapes.Polyphenols exist in a large class of compounds in some fruits and have strong antioxidant capacity, so they are known as tea polyphenols, grape polyphenols, olive polyphenols, red wine polyphenols, chocolate polyphenols and cocoa polyphenols.Grape contains a lot of polyphenols, so its extract has obvious antioxidant effect.After fermentation into wine, the content of polyphenols is higher, the composition is more stable, and the antioxidant capacity is greatly improved.


What are the benefits of red wine polyphenols?

  1. Resist the invasion of reactive oxygen species, and maintain the integrity of cell membrane and skin structure.
  2. Inhibit collagen-breaking enzymes and other kinds of breaking enzymes, and resist skin aging.
  3. Reduce the skin irritation caused by inflammation.
  1. Inhibit tyraminase activity, reduce melanin production, and make skin bright and white.
  2. maintain vascular tension, prevent microvascular varicose, promote the metabolism of fat and sugar, orange peel tissue phenomenon.Red wine polyphenols are not only good for the human body, but also a key factor affecting the color and taste of red wine. They can enrich the aroma of red wine and make red wine more full-bodied.


Red wine extract (3)
Red wine extract (3)

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