With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, people’s nutritional needs are gradually met, and their nutrition awareness is also gradually improved. With the advent of the epidemic era, more and more people begin to emphasize the quality of nutritional components, so natural VC re enters the field of vision of scientists.


Acerola cherry is the Chinese name for acerola cherry. It is native to the Caribbean region of the West Indies in tropical America, so it is also called West Indian cherry. It is suitable for growing in tropical and subtropical areas with abundant rainfall, sufficient sunshine and suitable temperature. It is famous for its rich vitamin C and is recognized as the “king of natural VC” and “fruit of life” in the world.


Acerola cherry is the fruit of M. emarginata of Malpighiaceae. Rich in vitamin C, and its unique anti-aging factor (SOD) – superoxide dismutase.


Acerifolia cherry has high nutritional value and is famous for its rich vitamin C. in fact, acerifolia cherry is not only rich in vitamin C, but also contains a variety of nutrients beneficial to human body. After people eat it, it has good health care effect.

Acerola cherry extract(1)
Acerola cherry extract(1)

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