Silk peptide (also known as silk protein powder) is the selection of natural mulberry silk as raw material, the use of modern high-tech refined from the silk polypeptide, water soluble 100%.Contains more than ten kinds of essential amino acids, which can be easily absorbed by the human body.Absorbed by the human body, silk peptide powder can promote the synthesis of new cells, and added to the surface of the skin, make skin smooth, delicate, ruddy, elastic, can enhance human immunity, and participate in the metabolism of human body, reach whole regulation and maintenance for the whole body skin, anti-aging, town mind, improve the effect of the intelligence prevent diabetes.It is an ideal novel natural food, health care products and cosmetic nutrition additives.Silk peptide is a silk protein product with smaller molecular weight by hydrolysis of silk.It is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and its molecular weight is generally below 2000. The silk peptide of this molecular weight has good water solubility and can maintain the excellent characteristics of silk fibroin crystallization.Silk peptide is used in cosmetics with natural moisturizing, moistening and skin nutrition, can effectively inhibit the formation of skin melanin, its good absorption and absorption, so that it has an excellent hair care, hair nourishing function.The efficacy and safety of silk peptides used in cosmetics are incomparable to those of other synthetic materials. Silk peptides have great potential for development as biomedical repair materials and biological antivirus materials.

Boswellia extract (7)
Boswellia extract (7)

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