Maca in recent years has been hot Fried, Christianity is the bible, maca almost became the man’s holy things, and all kinds of advertising, whether it is from where, main effect is to where, at work, is one of the kind of material for ordinary men, did eat maca is necessary, how big is it?  Today I’m going to be a senior expert and explain to you.  

In fact, there was no such term as maca in ancient China. If there was, it could be classified as vegetable according to the classification method of Compendium of Materia Medica.  Maca is foreign, can also be referred to as the “card” in our country, it is the earliest Peruvian andes region of South America that a person in eating, and also on their side is called the Andean ginseng, plant is a kind of plateau, is also an integral part of the Peruvian food materials, according to them, eating maca can strong body, improve sexual function,  But because maca is so common in their country, they don’t take it seriously, but we Chinese people pay tribute to maca.  


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Maca improves sexual performance by: “Boosting sperm motility;  Provides essential amino acids for the synthesis of dopamine and norepinephrine;  It contains histidine and arginine has the effect of vasodilating, can increase the blood flow of sexual organs;  Promote libido;  Regulate endocrine and so on.”  


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First, maca is rich in 55 kinds of high unit nutrients, rich in protein, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements, etc. Therefore, Maca can comprehensively regulate the function of the human body and continuously provide high-quality nutrients for the 9 major systems and more than 400 tissues and organs of the human body.

Second, 100 g of pure maca powder, amino acid content is 8 g, and amino acid composition structure is reasonable, especially the maca contains lysine is synthetic, germ cell nuclei in the brain protein and the necessary component of hemoglobin, is one of the eight amino acids, essential, and in eliminating exercise-induced central fatigue and play an important role in the process of the body fatigue.    

Third, In 100g pure maca powder, the mineral zinc contains 3.8mg. Zinc is an essential element for enzymes involved in energy metabolism, which play an important role in tissue respiration and metabolism of protein, fat, sugar and nucleic acid.  Zinc can also promote the growth of white blood cells, which in turn help improve the body’s immunity against viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances.  

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