Almond flour is a kind of apricot product, which is processed by grinding almonds.

ok of The Ancient Medicine of Abel, 1500 BC.The Ayurvedic texts describe the aphrodisiac effects of the herb.In ancient Egypt, fenugreek was used to relieve labor pains and other types of abdominal pain.



Historians generally believe that apricots and dates are the plants with the longest cultivation history. The ancient Persians and Arabs used almond meat and water to make “apricot milk” as a refreshing drink or as a seasoning ingredient for other foods. Some people think that if you eat some almonds before drinking, you will not get drunk easily, let alone drunk. French female writer Colette wrote in her work: “Don’t eat too many almonds, they have the effect of breast enhancement.”

2.Nutritional ingredients and efficacy

Almond meal contains 49% almond oil, and its main components are oleic acid and linoleic acid. Almond flour also contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. It does not contain cholesterol and sodium that can cause high blood pressure. It is also rich in diets that help digestion and reduce cholesterol. Cellulose, a handful of almonds (20-25 grains weighing about 28 grams) contains the same amount of dietary fiber as an orange or apple; almond meal also contains amygdalin, a natural anti-cancer active substance.


According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, almonds have a good dietary effect, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, strengthening the function of the throat and trachea, regulating the lungs, moisturizing the lungs, strengthening the lungs, and cowardly. It is very suitable for smokers.


Modern medical research shows that almonds are rich in dietary fiber, which can promote bowel movements, invigorate the stomach, help digestion, cure constipation, and lower cholesterol; vitamin B17 and amygdalin have anti-cancer effects and can also enhance anti-allergic ability; among them Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and unsaturated fatty acids are important nutrients for maintaining human health. Daily consumption can quickly replenish nutrients and maintain physical strength; oleic acid and linoleic acid can also maintain skin, diminish stains, and make skin white and tender .


Almond flour is also a very good slimming product. Almond meal contains the best sources of vitamin E and dietary fiber. 30 grams of almond meal can provide 6 grams of protein, 7.4 milligrams of vitamin E and 3.3 grams of diet.

Food fiber. Since almond flour is the source of monounsaturated fatty acids, it is commonly known as “good fat”, so it can produce what is often said in medicine as “fake food and clothing”. Consistently taking it can have a significant weight-loss effect, and it is also very beneficial to heart health. It plays an anti-aging effect very well.



Drink brewing


According to the big S Xu Xiyuan in her book summarized and introduced the whitening experience, insist on drinking almonds every day, it is best to soak almond powder and coix seed powder in milk or soy milk, then you can kill three birds with one stone-beauty, whitening, anti-aging , Slimming quietly.


1.Apricot milk drink

Put an appropriate amount of almond flour in the cup, as much as you like. Pour into hot water or milk to brew and serve. Simple and practical. This is the superb whitening method of celebrity big S. Drink almond powder milk tea every day

The white effect can be seen quickly. Twice a day.


2.Apricot and Barley Shuangren Milk

Method: After boiling the milk, add about 10 grams each of coix seed powder and almond powder. Stir a little, you can take it. Drink a cup in the morning and evening. Fresh milk is best. Because almonds and Job’s tears are rich in protein, vitamins and other nutrients, they can provide the skin with the nutrients needed. Consistently taking this drink can whiten the skin, supplement the skin’s epidermal layer of water, accelerate the skin’s metabolism, and make the skin white and soft. It is delicate, smooth and elastic, which ensures the skin’s nourishment and nourishment supply. After one month, the whole person’s skin will appear white and tender and beautiful. At the same time, due to its rigorous scientific principle of diuresis, after taking it, it can achieve the effect of relaxing weight loss and regain youth.


1.Selection tips 

Almonds are basically divided into sweet almonds and bitter almonds. If you understand them, you will know what is most suitable for the kitchen. Bitter almond VS sweet almond Bitter almonds: Chinese almonds have a bitter taste  used for flavoring or making almond milk Sweet almonds: American California almonds are  slightly sweet and delicate, eat directly, and can also be used as ingredients in cakes, cookies and dishes

B. Almond storage tips

1. The shelf life of unopened canned almonds can be as long as two years if stored in a dry environment. The opened almonds should be placed in an airtight storage tank.

2. In a dry, cool storage environment, the best shelf life of almonds is 3 months. Avoid exposing almonds to moisture.

3. Almonds are also suitable for storage in the refrigerator, and refrigeration can significantly extend the shelf life. However, you must pay attention to compact packaging when refrigerating to prevent almonds from being mildewed due to moisture or icing.

People who lose weight can also choose almonds as a snack

   Nutritional basis: This is because almonds are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that do not cause fat, and the content of saturated fatty acids is very low. In addition, the cell wall of almonds also prevents lipase from contacting fat, thereby reducing the digestion and absorption of fat. This means that the 164 calories in one ounce of almonds listed on the food label is not the amount of calories we would actually consume.





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