White willow bark extract, its main active ingredient is salicin, a natural extract, without any added ingredients, in cosmetics and skin care products, the main role is skin conditioning agent, anti-inflammatory agent, relatively safe, you can rest assured to use.


In the field of cosmetics, salicin mainly has anti-aging, excoriating and acne removing skin care effects. Salicin not only affects the regulation of genes in the skin, but also regulates gene groups related to skin aging, which are called functional “young gene groups”.

In addition, salicin plays an important role in the production and maintenance of collagen in the skin, so it can increase skin elasticity and achieve anti-wrinkle effect.Salicin can remove the dead skin cells on the skin surface, accelerate the aging and shedding of skin cells, regulate the physiological activity of the skin cuticle, and make the skin uniform and shiny.Salicin has anti-inflammatory properties due to its aspirin-like properties and can be used to relieve facial acne, herpetic inflammation and sunburn.Suitable for cream, cream, lotion, lotion, essence and other dosage forms.

Papaya powder-6
Papaya powder-6

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