Valerianaceae belongs to Valerianaceae. The growing environment is very particular, and it can only grow on the gentle sunny slopes with loose geology at an altitude of about 1000-3600 meters.

The pink or white flowers, although the flowers are delicate and eye-catching, the roots are emitting a strong smell, many people are difficult to accept, but the cats and mice are small animals like to smell it, licking it, there are “cat food vegetables”, “smelly grass” alias.

The extraction site is the root.The root of valerian contains more than 100 compounds, mainly including volatile oil, valerin, flavonoids and water-soluble amino acids, etc., which can have a strong calming effect on the body after being separated, purified and concentrated.


A systematic study on the chemical components of valerian has been carried out at home and abroad, and it is found that the volatile oil of valerian and the trilipids of valerian have obvious calming and tranquilizing effects, inhibit the activities of central nervous system, thus reduce excitability, calm the nervous system when the emotion is excited, and help restore the nerve when the fatigue is occurring.


Valerian can obviously expand coronary vessels and improve myocardial ischemia.Ingredients in Valerian Root can relieve nervous dyspepsia, stomach cramps, gastroenteritis and other symptoms, as well as help relieve the pain caused by cramps.Some elderly people have arrhythmia and are prone to myocardial ischemia and high blood pressure. At this time, they can try to take valerian, which can reduce the myocardial oxygen consumption, so as to restore the normal level of heart rhythm and reduce blood pressure.So valerian also plays an important role in protecting the heart.

Epimedium extract (3)
Epimedium extract (3)

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