Brown Powder 8

Agaricus Bisporus Extract Quick Details

Name: Agaricus Bisporus Extract

Appearance: Brown Yellow Fine Powder

Specification: Specification: Polysaccharides 10%-50%

Shelf Life: 2 Years

MOQ: 1 kg

Sample: Free Sample

OEM: Customized order packaging and labels; OEM capsules and pills



It also named white Agaricus or white button mushroom. According to the report, fresh Agaricus Bisporus contain protein 3-4%, fat 0.2-0.3%, carbohydrate 2.4-3.8%, protein assay of Agaricus Bisporus is twice than asparagus, spinage and potato etc., and digest rate reach 70-90%, regarded as “plant meat”. It has complete amino acid, especially for lysine, and aso contain abundant phosphor, kalium, calcium, vitamine B1, vitamine B2, compound vitamin B, vitamin C etc.

Fat assay of Agaricus Bisporus is one tenth of milk, long term usage will depress blood fat, and the polysaccharides of Agaricus Bisporus has the function of anti-cancer, and also has good effect of deferment hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, hepatomegaly, hepatocirrhosis etc. So Agaricus Bisporus is not only a complete nutrition food, but also has health care function. It can be used in sauce, fast noodle season, chaffy dish, puffed food, meat, season pack, deep fry good, drink etc.


1. Enhance the body’s immune function;

2.With analgesic effect,it has certain curative effect to the disease such as arthritis;

3.It has a certain immunization for viral diseases;

4.It has a certain anti-cancer activity;

5.It has lowering blood pressure effect.

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