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Almond Powder Quick Details

Name: Almond Powder

Appearance: Yellowish white Powder

Specification: raw powder

Shelf Life: 2 Years

MOQ: 1 kg

Sample: Free Sample

OEM: Customized order packaging and labels; OEM capsules and pills


Almond flour is a processed product of almonds. Like almond milk, its raw materials are almonds. Almonds can maintain skin, dilute stains, and make skin white and tender. Historians generally believe that apricots and dates are the plants with the longest cultivation history. Almond flour is rich in important nutrients such as fiber, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin B17 and unsaturated fatty acids.

Almond has rich nutritional value, every 100g almond contains protein 25 ~ 27g, oil 47 ~ 56g, carbohydrate and crude fiber 12 ~19g, but also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and other mineral elements and vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B5, vitamin C and other vitamins.Regular consumption of almond powder can enhance human immunity, delay aging, brain and intelligence.Almond powder is widely used in the field of food health care and cosmetics.


1. The bitter apricot kernels can relieve a cough, relax bowel, cure for tuberculosis, sough, lung disease and so on.

2. Sweet almond and fruit big almond that we eat daily leans to moist, have certain fill lung function.

3. Almond also contains rich flavonoids and polyphenols composition, this kind of composition can not only reduced human cholesterol, still can significantly reduce heart disease and many chronic disease onset of danger.

4. Almond also have hairdressing effect, can promote skin microcirculation, make the skin ruddy luster.

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