Brown Yellow Powder

Phellinus Igniarius Triterpene Quick Details

Name: Phellinus Igniarius Triterpene

Appearance: Yellow Fine Powder

Specification: Triterpene 2%-20%

Shelf Life: 2 Years

MOQ: 1 kg

Sample: Free Sample

OEM: Customized order packaging and labels; OEM capsules and pills



Phellinus linteus (Japanese “meshimakobu”, Chinese “song gen”, Korean “sanghwang”, English “Meshima”, American English “black hoof mushroom”) .It is shaped like a hoof, has a bitter taste, and in the wild grows on mulberry trees. The stem’s color ranges from dark brown to black phellinus linteus is traditional medicine of Asians. Our Beta D Glucan is based on the premise of maintain the effect nutrition and physiological activity component of Phellinus igniarius, adopt national science resultcell spore and self research extract technology of maintain GLU-02, extracted the effect component of beta D glucan from wild Phellinusigniarius. With the function of activation cell immunity of human body and humour immunity system, Beta D glucan which extracted from Phellinus igniarius fruit has the function of restrain cancer cell activity, and lighten side effect of anti-cancer medicine.


1. Restrain increase and transfer of cancer cell;
2. Use with anti-cancer medicine can buildup effect of anti-cancer, and lighten side effect of anti-cancer medicine;
3. Relax pain, inappetence, lost weight and tiredness of cancer, improve QOL;
4. Anti-cancer, avert cancer again;
5. Can prevent and improve the infect of depress immunity.

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