Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate Quick Details

Name: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

Appearance: White Powder

Specification: 99%

Shelf Life: 2 Years

MOQ: 1 kg

Sample: Free Sample

OEM: Customized order packaging and labels; OEM capsules and pills



Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate ≥95% content, can be up to 99%. It is a white powder, Rainwood Biotech made from vitamin C through high-efficiency catalyzed phosphoric acid esterification. It is a water-soluble whitening agent.

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate can excellently prevent coloring matter subside, get rid of different kinds skin splash, keep the skin moister, white and shine. Steady, nonpoisonous, no irritative. It is the fine additive of the modernfunctional beautiful whitening cosmetics.


It can promote the formation of collagen, resist oxidation, resist ultraviolet rays, whiten and remove stains.

As a nutritional additive, it can be widely used in various fortified foods, nutritional health products and beverages. It can effectively prolong the storage period of food. Rainwood SAP can be used as a color preservative for all kinds of canned, bagged food and meat products.

Logo Design: Yes,We can supply the OEM bag shipping to Amazon directly.  Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ requirement 1 kg/bags

Customized Formulas: Yes ,We supply Custom formulation bag/capsule with private label.

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Packaging Options: Bulk, bottles, blister packs or customers’ requirement 1 kg/bags 

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Delivery Time: Delivery within two to seven days

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