Hericium erinaceus (scientific name: Hericium erinaceus), also known as Tricholoma Hericium, Hericium, Hedgehog, etc., is a large fungus belonging to basidiomycetes, poridia, Odontococcidae, Hericium, which gets its name because its solid shape is like the head of a monkey.

Nutritional value of Hericium SPP

As one of the four famous Chinese dishes (monkey’s head, bear’s paw, bird’s nest and shark’s fin), monkey’s head mushroom is a traditional precious food in China. Therefore, it is called “Mountain monkey’s head and seafood’s shark’s fin”.It has rich nutritional value and a variety of bioactive components, such as polysaccharides, terpenes and phenolic compounds.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, hericium has the functions of tonifying the stomach, tonifying deficiency, fighting cancer, and benefiting kidney essence. It also has the functions of treating loose stool, stomach and duodenal ulcer, superficial gastritis and other diseases.As a kind of medicinal and edible fungus, Hericium SPP. Has always been highly praised by nutritionists and medical scientists. It is a kind of food popular among consumers.

There are abundant polysaccharide molecular structures in Hericium SPP

Polysaccharide is a kind of natural high molecular compound which is composed of monosaccharides and widely exists in animals, plants and microorganisms.Usually according to its source can be divided into animal polysaccharides, plant polysaccharides and microbial polysaccharides.In recent years, due to the unique biological activity of polysaccharides, such as antioxidant, coagulation and other effects have been found, the research on polysaccharides has been increasingly in-depth.


Studies have shown that Hericium ostreatus contains important polysaccharides, peptides and other effective components, and it has the effects of lowering blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterol.Based on the health effect of hericium polysaccharides, hericium polysaccharides has a broad development prospect in the field of health food and medicine.Polysaccharide from Hericium chinensis is a glucan composed of glucose, mannose and galactose, among which -glucan has the most physiological activity.

The basis of hericium polysaccharides enhancing immunity

An experimental team had done the experiment, the experimental results confirmed that hericium head, fruit entity polysaccharides, mycelium polysaccharides can improve the thymus index, increase the weight of immune organs and immune activity.

At the same time, polysaccharide from hericium fruiting body and polysaccharide from mycelium can improve the proliferation ability of spleen lymphocytes induced by mice, which is due to a large number of lymphocytes increased by stimulating the maturation, differentiation and reproduction of immune active cells, thus improving the immune ability of the body.

Ann had something to say

Regular consumption of hericium can supplement nutrition, enhance physical fitness, improve the human body’s immunity to diseases, and at the same time slow down neurasthenia, nourish the body.But allergic constitution should not eat hericium oh, may lead to skin itching, congestion, edema and other symptoms.

If you want to eat monkey mushrooms, it’s best to ask a professional nutritionist before you buy them. Everyone has a different constitution.In the end, Ann said that a balanced diet and daily exercise are the best way to enhance immunity


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