Fish collagen is a natural health care product with scientific ratio from deep sea fish. Its main component is collagen, which is good for the skin after people eat it. It can help the skin lock water and increase the elasticity of the skin.The following is a detailed description of it.

Tenderize the skin

Fish collagen peptide can improve the ability of human skin to hold water, can prevent the surface of the skin water loss, people often eat fish collagen peptide can make their skin watery and smooth.In addition, fish collagen peptide can also repair the sagging elastic fiber, can improve the elasticity of the skin, clean the free radicals in the skin, after people eat it can also play an important role in antioxidant and reduce the generation of wrinkles.


Fade wrinkles

Fade wrinkles and isinglass original protein peptide important role, people usually eat it can absorb a large amount of collagen, after they enter the skin’s dermis later can repair the damaged skin cells, can let the skin tightening and elasticity increases, this kind of circumstance to appear on the skin wrinkles can obviously fade, the skin also can significantly reduce the symptoms of aging.

Pale spot whitening

Isinglass after the original protein peptide absorbed by skin cells can make the connection between the cells more close together, also can let the human skin metabolism, can clear away dead cells in the skin, prevent pigmentation, and isinglass original contains collagen protein peptide can inhibit melanin production, can prevent spots generated at the same time make the face splash down, usually people eating fish glue the original protein peptide pale spot whitening effect particularly evident.

Strong bones

Bones are the framework of the human body, is an important part of the body, but contains more than seventy percent of organic matter in the bones are collagen, usually people eating fish glue can absorb a large amount of collagen protein peptide, which can promote bone formation, and increase the toughness and density of bone, to make people more strong healthy bones.

Fish collagen protein 1
Fish collagen protein 1

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