Fish collagen peptide (peptides) mainly from tilapia, cod fresh skin, scales by enzymes in the directional shear extraction technology, mainly for type I collagen, products rich in 19 kinds of amino acid molecular weight between 2000 ~ 5000 d length, has the very high digestion and absorption, thermal stability of the product in aqueous solution is wonderful, has excellent affinity to human skin, can very good play its permeability, moisture, repair, and other functions.




Collagen is used in the skin to support the skin, such as scaffolds and “springs”. Once the “springs” are broken, the dermal tissue can collapse and wrinkle.Your skin will sag and sag;After the skin gives oil, because the elasticity drops, the pore that holds big cannot shrink to restore, pore can become bulky;Free radicals and melanin build up in the skin’s cavities and crevices, creating spots…

Dr. J Brandt, the father of collagen, said, “The aging process of skin is the process by which collagen is broken down and lost.”If MMP activity is not inhibited, collagen supplemented in vitro will be rapidly broken down by MMP, and collagen cannot enter the dermis, which is the reason why collagen supplementation simply cannot achieve the ideal effect.Therefore, inhibiting the activity of MMP while supplementing the lost collagen is the key to beauty.

The German study found that women’s skin loses collagen faster than men’s in the same age group, and that the collagen in men’s skin forms a network that makes their physical appearance look younger.The growth, repair, nutrition, elasticity and tension of the skin are closely related to collagen.The body can produce a lot of collagen when it is young, but their production decreases with age.The researchers believe that women’s skin ages faster than men’s because their bodies lose collagen more easily than men’s.The endometrium is broken off after your period, and the damaged uterus needs to be repaired. The endometrium is made up of collagen fibers, which requires a lot of collagen.In addition, childbirth and induced abortion will also cause uterine damage, increase in free radicals, MMP activity intensification, consumption of more collagen.

The role of collagen in skin care

A number of studies of scientists show that: skin aging of all kinds of problems, are caused by the loss of collagen in the skin, the direct consequence of loss is the skin “collapse”, there are holes, gaps.Many women in the past do all sorts of efforts, just give the skin surface supplement moisture and nutrition, this is like in the renovation of a collapsed house, in fact is self-deception.Collagen, the protein that holds the skin together in scaffolds and springs, can cause dermal tissue to collapse and wrinkle when the springs are broken, scientists said.Your skin will sag and sag;After the skin gives oil, because the elasticity drops, the pore that holds big cannot shrink to restore, pore can become bulky;Free radicals, melanin build up in the cavities and crevices of your skin…The triple helix structure of collagen is like the dam of a reservoir, locking up the moisture in the skin’s water reservoir, making the skin shiny, moist and smooth.If the “reservoir” of skin bursts, the skin will become dry, rough, dull and dull.It can be seen that the fundamental solution is to restore the youthful structure of the skin by oral collagen, making the skin delicate, smooth, moist, shiny and elastic.Oral collagen has become a worldwide beauty and care fashion. In the past five years, tens of millions of users around the world have taken it, which proves that collagen has the following magical effects on women’s whole body skin:

The power of collagen

Moisturizing :Collagen contains hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, and the triple helix structure can strongly lock up 30 times of water, so that the skin always stay moist, tender state!

Nutrition :Collagen has strong permeability to the skin. It can bind to the skin epithelial cells through the cuticle, participate in and improve the metabolism of skin cells, and strengthen the activity of collagen in the skin.It can maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum moisture and fiber structure, improve the living environment of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin tissues, enhance blood circulation, and achieve the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

Bright skin:The skin’s shine depends on the water content, and collagen’s good water-holding ability keeps the skin hydrated and shiny, giving off a healthy glow.

Firming: When collagen enters into dermal tissues, it can repair the broken and aging elastic fiber network, increase skin tightness, generate skin tension, shrink pores, and make skin tight and elastic!

Anti-wrinkleThe plump collagen layer in the dermis can quickly fill in the local collapse, hold up the skin cells, improve the flabbiness, tighten the skin, reduce deep wrinkles and smooth out fine lines.

Pale spotCollagen can make the cell bond more tightly, speed up the new cells, do not give melanin and toxin concentration hiding place, so that the skin pale, faded spots.

RepairCollagen can penetrate directly into the bottom layer of skin and have a good affinity with surrounding tissues, which can help cells to produce collagen and promote the normal growth of skin cells.In the meantime, collagen itself still has the effect that reduces inflammation and renews skin.

Nice chest:Hydroxyproline, which is unique in collagen, has the function of tightening connective tissue, making loose tissue firm and supporting sagging breasts, making breasts straight, plump and elastic.

Joint lubricantOsteoarthritis is one of the major diseases of bone caused by a lack of organic matter, also known as degenerative arthritis.The reason is that as the body grows older, the function of organs in the body deteriorates and the ability to produce collagen is insufficient.Causes the joint tissue organic matter to be deficient, causes the articular cartilage to harden and loses the elasticity, the hardened cartilage to be damaged due to the mutual friction, the damaged detached debris falls into the articular cavity and causes the inflammation, thus causing the joint pain and movement disorder.Cartilage plays an important role in cushioning joints, which are covered with flexible cartilage.And 50% of cartilage is collagen.

Strong bonesOsteoporosis is a loss of bone mass in unit bone mass.Bone growth and development begins in the embryo, peaks at age 30, and declines at a rate of 0.5 to 1 percent a year thereafter.The number of bones in adults no longer changes, but bone metabolism continues, a balance between growth and loss.After age 40, bone formation remains the same, but bone loss continues to increase, with decades of bone loss reaching half of what it was at age 30.Pathological fractures are most likely to occur when bone density drops to a level that makes it difficult to tolerate the stresses of everyday life.

Bone tissue is composed of organic and inorganic materials.The inorganic substance of bone is mainly bone salt, 95% of which is solid calcium.The organic matter of bone includes collagen and non-collagen. Collagen accounts for more than 90%. Its reticular structure is very important to maintain the integrity of bone structure and bone biomechanical properties.When the body is deficient in collagen, it is difficult to fix calcium, so the loss of calcium cannot be improved, which in turn affects bone density and leads to osteoporosis.

Therefore, appropriate supplementation of collagen will inevitably be lost in the body to contain calcium and other inorganic and organic substances, which will certainly help to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis or the healing of injured sites after the onset of the disease.

Fish collagen protein 1
Fish collagen protein 1

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