Polyglutamate is also known as natto gum, also known as polyglutamate, it is a soluble substance, through fermentation can be produced after the biopolymer, play the role of water and fertilizer.

  1. The role of polyglutamate in health care and cosmetics:
  2. Functional long-lasting moisturizing, helps skin resist dry environment.
  3. Increase the elasticity of skin and enhance the smooth and tender feel of skin.
  4. Inhibit the production of melanin.
  5. Maintain healthy skin pH.
  6. Form a slow release conveying system, which enables the skin to absorb various skin nutrients more efficiently.

Polyglutamic acid for the health of the body has a certain role in health care.

Firstly, as a certain beauty and beauty effect, can increase the elasticity of the skin, in addition, there are good moisturizing effect, for promoting the health of the skin is better.

Second, the role of the poly glutamic acid is applied to the agricultural industry:


1, super hydrophilic and soaked in flood water retention in soils, will be on the surface of plant root hair to form a layer of thin film, not only has the function of protecting hair more nutrients in the soil, water and hair intimate contact of the best transmission platform, can efficiently improve fertilizers dissolved, storage, transmission and absorption.Prevent sulfate, phosphate and oxalate from precipitating with metal elements, so that crops can more effectively absorb phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and trace elements in the soil.Promote the development of crop root system and strengthen disease resistance.

  1. Balanced soil PH has excellent buffer capacity for acid and alkali, which can effectively balance soil PH and avoid acidic soil caused by long-term use of chemical fertilizers.
  2. Excellent chelating effect on toxic heavy metals in soil.
  3. Enhance plant resistance to disease and stress by integrating plant nutrients and active water components in soil, which can enhance resistance to symptoms caused by soil-transmitted plant pathogens.

5, promote the increase of production can make tea, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products rapidly increase production, increase output can reach 10-20%.

BHB powder-2
BHB powder-2

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