1.Turmeric, as a natural anti-inflammatory drug, can be used to prevent infections such as cuts or burns, accelerate wound healing, remodel and damage the skin, without side effects.Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is also a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as being helpful in treating inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis.

2.Turmeric has been linked to a number of cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.Prevents many different forms of metastases from cancer.Such as preventing breast cancer from spreading to the lungs, preventing the growth of new vascular tumors, and having a positive effect on multiple myeloma.When eaten with cauliflower, it can prevent prostate cancer or stop the growth of existing prostate cancers and reduce the risk of childhood leukemia.

3.Turmeric prevents melanoma and melanoma-cell-induced suicide, can be used as a treatment for depression, and is a natural painkiller.

4.Turmeric turmeric is a natural liver detoxifier that helps with fat metabolism and weight maintenance. Turmeric can be used in a variety of ways, from curry to stir-fry, with turmeric milk being the most common.


Turmeric milk is an Indian herb that can cure colds, coughs, runny noses, sore throats and asthma caused by allergies. It can also enhance the body and immunity, effectively prevent and assist in the treatment of the diseases mentioned above.

Make turmeric milk: In a cup of milk (250ml) add about half a teaspoon of turmeric powder (for adults, half for children) and a dash of nutmeg (ground into powder). Heat the mixture together, bring to a boil, and then boil for about two minutes before turning off the heat.Also according to their own constitution or preferences to add: black pepper, salt, saffron, cardamom, coriander seed powder, cinnamon, ginger powder, are a small amount.To reduce the astringence of turmeric, add raw sugar or maple syrup.When using turmeric milk to relieve symptoms, drink one or two cups of turmeric milk a day, on an empty stomach when the effect is better.

Notes: 1. Turmeric is safe to eat in regular amounts, but in large doses it can cause stomach upset.2, suffering from gallstones or single tube obstruction should not eat.3. If you are allergic to dairy products, avoid turmeric milk and add turmeric to your daily stir-fry.4. Although turmeric is acceptable to pregnant women, consult your doctor because in some cases it can irritate the uterus.

Finally, I would like to introduce curcumin oil for physiotherapy for arthritis:

Preparation method: You can make turmeric oil at home (2 tablespoons turmeric powder into 200ml water and heat over low heat until the water evaporates 1/4 of the time. About 10 minutes after the water boils, filter the water through gauze and add 150ml sesame oil. Heat over low heat until the water evaporates completely.When all the water evaporates, the oil bubbles up and makes a sound as the oil heats up. Dip your chopsticks into the liquid and sprinkle it onto the fire. If there is no sound of water sizzling, it is finished.After cooling, filter the oil out with gauze and keep in a bottle.)


How to use it: Soak a piece of cotton gauze in a warm turmeric oil (you can put the oil in a fine oil lamp for continuous heating, and then soak the oil in hot oil after it cools down). Apply a local hot compress for about 15 minutes a day (during this time, make sure the oil is hot).

Turmeric 1 (1)
Turmeric 1 (1)

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