Polyglutamic acid fertilizer is one of the common ingredients of agricultural fertilizers, so how much do you know about its efficacy and effect?Today, let’s discuss it together.

The functional characteristics of polyglutamate in agricultural extension are as follows.

Super hydrophilic and water retention ability

Polyglutamic acid molecule contains more than 1000 super hydrophilic groups (-COOH), which can fully retain water in the soil, improve the leavening degree and voidage of the clayey soil, and improve the ability of retaining fertilizer and water in the sandy soil.When used in flooded soil, a layer of film will be formed on the surface of plant root hair to protect root hair, which is the best conveying platform for nutrients, water and root hair in the soil in close contact, effectively improving the dissolution, storage, transportation and absorption of fertilizers.In particular, the use of polyglutamic acid in arid or semi-arid areas with little water or in areas integrating drip irrigation with water and fertilizer can greatly improve the utilization rate of water and fertilizer, keep water and nutrients distributed around the root system effectively, and be absorbed and utilized by plants more, thus reducing the loss of water and fertilizer caused by evaporation and leakage.

Promote the absorption of phosphate fertilizer and medium and trace elements

Polyglutamic acid has more negative electricity, can effectively prevent sulfate, phosphate, oxalate, carbonate plasma and calcium ion, magnesium ion and trace elements of the combination, to avoid the production of low-solubility salts and precipitation, so it can promote the absorption and use of trace elements and phosphate fertilizer and other nutrients.In addition, it can also improve the exchange capacity of cations in the soil, temporarily storing and absorbing cations, such as moderate elements such as calcium ion, magnesium ion and other trace elements such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc cation, and then slowly released to the soil to supplement.

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