Mandelic acid, also known as almond acid (the earliest extract from bitter almond), is a high-molecular weight fruit acid, which can accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, has the effect of exfoliating, is beneficial to reduce fine lines, at the same time, remove the melanin deposited in cuticle cells, improve pigmentation, and has the function of whitening (it can be used for reducing acne marks).But it is less effective than glycolic acid because of its high molecular weight and weak permeability. Because of this, mandelic acid is less irritating to the skin and is also suitable for sensitive muscles. In addition, mandelic acid can inhibit the activity of staphylococcus epidermidis, Candida albicans and other bacteria as an antibacterial agent. It should be noted that mandelic acid is photosensitive and is recommended for use in night care.

Boswellia extract (7)
Boswellia extract (7)

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