Mandelic acid, also known as amygdalin, is a white rhombic crystal. Melting point 119 ℃. It is soluble in hot water, ether and isopropanol, but insoluble in ethanol. Over exposure can cause discoloration and decomposition. It can be prepared by the reaction of benzaldehyde with acetophenone dibromide.


I know that amygdalin is a product introduced in the name of Taiwan’s favorite. The price is not cheap. I feel that it has brought about a trend.


In fact, amygdalin is mandelic acid in English. What you see in the ingredient list is “mandelic acid”. This is the official name.


In terms of efficacy, amygdalin is a kind of fruit acid, which is also water-soluble. In addition to exfoliation, in fact, there are not many outstanding highlights in theory. I feel that the role of acid is relatively moderate. There are some aspects, but all aspects are not the best.


The ability to exfoliate is not as good as glycolic acid, and the ability to improve the fat solubility of blackheads is not as good as salicylic acid, but compared with the individual high score players, it is also relatively mild, so it is good news in theory for students who are not so good at skin tolerance.

Boswellia extract (7)
Boswellia extract (7)

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